The Best Time to Sell Your Used Vehicle


The second-hand market is successful in the automotive world. For several years now, the number of used cars purchased has exceeded the number of new cars. So if you plan to change your vehicle, why not resell yours on the second-hand market?

On average, it is ideal to resell your car after 4 or 5 years of use. It also depends on the characteristics of the vehicle but also on the way you have used it. If the car is well maintained and you only use it occasionally, it can still be in good condition after 10 years.

Keep in mind that you can sell any car in Dubai, no matter its condition!

5 Indications That You Need to Sell Your Car

Repairing Costs More than Driving

The first reason for any driver to sell their cars is often the wear and tear. After a few years of good and loyal service, the vehicle needs more and more maintenance operations, and several elements need replacement like the timing belt, the brake pads, the alternator, etc.

A car a few years old can quickly become a money pit with age and becomes too expensive to maintain. If your car is in bad shape, it could cost you more money to fix it up than the value of what you would receive from selling it. It is best to sell your car when it is in good condition.

High Mileage

If you have had your car for a long time, it has likely accumulated a large number of miles. You may be able to sell the car if you have less than 120,000 KMs on it. However, if you have over 200,000 miles, then you will probably lose money by selling it.

Also, consider how much mileage you are willing to put on your car before deciding whether or not to sell it. If you want to drive your car for another 10 years, you might as well keep it until it breaks down. On the other hand, if you only want to use it for five years, you should sell it sooner rather than later.

Not Meeting Your Needs

When your vehicle can’t keep up with your busy lifestyle anymore, it’s time to sell it. Life is always changing, and your needs change along with it. If your family is growing, it’s time for a new car like an SUV or a minivan so that you can safely take your family where they want. And if you get a new job, you’ll probably need a vehicle with great gas mileage.

And if you’re looking for a way to turn your old vehicle into cash, you can always cash your car in UAE and purchase a brand new ride!

Parts are Hard to Find

With all the changes in the car parts industry, the cost of buying new parts increases. As a result, some owners decide to scrap their old car and replace it with newer models. If you want to get rid of your old ride, consider selling it while its parts are still relatively easy to find and affordable.

Upgrading to Modern Models

Buying a new car model is always exciting. The moment you see the brand-new vehicle, you start dreaming about its features and functions.

So maybe you just want to cash your car and invest in buying a new model that you like.

Have you made your decision? Will the car be sold? Yes, but when to advertise? If you are not in a hurry for the sale, be aware that certain months of the year are more conducive to used cars.

Selling your car in the middle of summer is not the best idea. That’s not to say that no one is buying cars, just that it’s not the time of year when people are looking to buy a vehicle the most. It may be more difficult to sell your car at the price you want.

Depending on the car market, it is best to bet on the winter period to have a better chance of selling your vehicle at the price you want.

For more help knowing when you should move on from your car, please see the information below.

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