Reasons For People To Practice The Ritual Of Blessing Their New Car



A ritual to bless new car is legitimate. Car blessing has been practiced in Thailand and various other parts of the world. If you wonder about various religions practicing car blessing rituals, rest assured that it has been a common practice in major parts of the world and religions. Blessings are administered on things or objects that serve the needs of man and cars are not an exception when it comes to serving a man’s needs.

The Understanding Of The Car Blessing Ritual

The ritual to bless new car (เจิมรถ, which is the term in Thai) is a ceremonial act conducted by an authoritative person in the church offering prayer to someone or something, in this case, your car. It would be worth mentioning here that deacons, priests, or pastors conduct the ceremony. You might be familiar with house blessings. Rest assured that the car blessings ritual is almost similar to a house blessing ritual.

The Catholics, similar to most practices, would sprinkle holy water on cars. Most religions practice laying off hands to bless cars.

Why Do People Prefer The Ritual Of Blessing Their Cars?

Find below the most common reasons for people to undergo the ritual to bless new car.

·        Tradition Or Custom

For most people, it is a practice they have been doing since time immemorial. If you have been born and brought up in a religious family, rest assured that it would be normal for you to follow the tradition. However, others believe that nothing wrong is done by practicing the ritual and so they follow.

·        Declaring Freedom

It might be the most practical reason why people consider the ritual to bless new car. They believe that the ritual of anointing your car would cast away evil influences. Uttering a prayer with people gathered in agreement and asking for the protection and safety of those using the car would cast away evil influences over the car.

·        A Kind Of Offering

When you get your car blessed, rest assured that it would be a way of saying that the owner offers the car to the eternal being he or she believes in. Moreover, the idea prevails that every blessing comes from God. As a result, it should be an offering to the Almighty as thanksgiving. An offering to God would make the car sacred.

·        Declaring Success

The ceremony also marks the claim of success for the intended purpose of the car. It could be anything ranging from business or personal transportation and others.

To Sum It Up

Apart from the other listed reasons, anointing your car would be seen as an act of gratitude. You should be thankful to God for his blessings come in several ways.