Guide to paint protection film for cars: Top features and buying tips


Have you been thinking to install a paint protection film on your car? We don’t deny you have taken a wise decision. There is nothing else you must think of when these films are on your car. Some car owners also refer to it as clear bras or protection shields. Without spending much on your car maintenance or repair, you can actually save good money by installing these. Proshield pellicule pare-perre is one of the best examples of the same.

Refer to this short and quick guide on how these car paint protection films can help you enjoy longevity of your car.

Before we proceed with the discussion on benefits and buying tips, here are the top features of PPFs you must know…

Features of PPF:

  • Good quality PPFs are resistant to scratch, abrasion, and high temperature
  • These can withstand UV rays
  • PPF consists of self-healing material
  • Long lasting and highly durable
  • Instant healing against minor damages, scratches, and cracks

Guide to paint protection film (PPF) for cars:

Spend some time online and research about paint protection films. You must know the different types of quality and brands in car protection films. These help you prevent damages, maintain the car’s beauty, and stick to your car for a long time.

Read the reviews and ratings of preferred brand to know their reliability. You cannot risk handing over your expensive vehicle to any random car dealer for installing PPF. Another step is to ask questions to these dealers and seek their guidance on choosing the right film for your car model.

As per the type of paint protection film you choose, you can enjoy the durability. Thus, do not miss to confirm the durability from the dealer. A paint protection film helps your car look shiny and glossy for many years. Thus, you enjoy the same aesthetics of your car without spending more or regularly on the same.

Choose a reliable and trusted dealer like Proshield pellicule pare-perre if you don’t want to face any embarrassing situations with car abrasion, scratches, or paint cracks.


Car protections films can make you drive confidently anywhere. Even if your car is still or parked under a place with no roof, shade, or shed, you don’t have to worry about a thing as their self-healing properties make it all worth the investment.