Car Towing Cost Calculator


A car is not a load that can be arbitrarily handed over for transportation. It is bulky and fragile, so you should approach the transport carefully and check the transport and logistic companies slowly 

Long distance towing offer you our services for safe transport and towing of all kinds of vehicles over different distances. Long distance towing take care of the transport of both expensive and economy class cars, long distance towing deliver special equipment or vehicles that suddenly break down.

In addition, each client receives an individual approach to organizational and financial matters. If you need to know the cost of services, you can always use the handy towing cost calculator.

Find your benefits in the towing cost calculator

Our benefits are difficult to count without preparation, but these are just a few of them: 

Safety: your car is and will be insured transported in accordance with all technical requirements for the protection of fragile goods 

Reliability: our employees have the necessary qualifications to calculate all the necessary risks, create an ideal profitable transport plan and draw up all the necessary accompanying documents that do not force the load to stop at the border;

Versatility: long distance towing each Transport machine, regardless of size, long distance towingight, make, class and market value;

Speed ​​of service: our terms are the shortest among the offers on the service market, but long distance towing are ready to reduce them to by offering you express delivery; 

Flexibility in terms: you can use several options to “tailor” the service for yourself, for example ordering the bulk load of your car in a shared car transporter; 

Convenient towing calculator: use it to find out the cost of the service you are interested in quickly and without waiting in line.

How much does the towing cost calculator cost? How long distance towing transport the cars 

Another advantage for us is our own fleet of vehicles, which is maintained and used only by our employees without the involvement of third parties, which significantly increases the reliability of the services. With the help of the new generation car transporters, one of two standard types of transport can be arranged. Long distance towing’ve also developed a thoughtful towing cost calculator that allows you to calculate the cost of services in minutes

Open Hauls are performed by shared car transporters capable of towing five cars in a single trip and giving them the reasonable Protection level.

Cars will be set up at a safe distance from each other and securely fastened to prevent them from rolling off the shared plateau. This method is considered fast and cheap, and most importantly, universal, since it is applicable to all machines 

Closed carriers are considered elite services. They are more expensive but offer maximum cargo protection, transporting them in a fully insulated, closed structure that protects contents from dust and the eyes of bystanders. 

There is also a tow option if your car stops working.

To find out the cost, call the managers or use the towing price calculator. 

How do long distance towing use a towing cost calculator? 

Long distance towing offer you to get a car at our company terminals or directly at your home. The first option is economical: you come to deliver the car, and then you pick it up at the selected terminal. The latter have a wide network, so there is no difficulty in finding them.

The second shipping option is more expensive, but more convenient and also the most confidential, so it is usually purchased in addition to private transport

If you have any interesting questions, you can always ask the managers for help. If you are interested in the price, just use the towing cost estimator.